Our product development is driven by industry need. We analyze and evaluate the customer’s needs and customize our product to fit their needs. Our solutions can be tailored to serve the needs of your business.

We have developed web based applications, mobile applications and enterprise applications. Our product specialists analyze the business need and perform a return on investment (ROI) analysis before spending on technology. By carefully planning and designing solutions, we have developed applications that solve problems faced by small business. For example, our Employee Timecard application that helps our small business customers keep track of the time spent by their employees on various projects and get accurate reports.

Employee TimeCard

A time management solution

Nila Apps Inc offers a time management solutions where small business can track the employee time. Our solution provides a simple yet powerful tool to capture employee time and create accurate invoice. Our time management solution can be easily customized to create your own timesheet solution.

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MyTimeSheet Mobile

A premier time tracking solution

The MyTimesheet application allows you to easily track time by employee and by project, using a simple interface and parameters set by the you. Our app features customizable reporting features and custom modules, so you can have the information you need, when you need it. Additionally, information can be imported into Quickbooks for payroll and invoicing purposes.

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The Future of Learning

Payil is a learning management platform. Payil allows education institutes and academies to set up courses and manage student performance. Payil handles everything from student registration, payment processing, campaigns, creating course material, assignments, quizzes, grade management, class scheduling, discussion forums, and detailed reporting. Students can use the Payil app on their mobile device and access their course materials anytime and get important alert updates.

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